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Monday, January 30, 2012

Shattered Hearts a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

Shattered Hearts

I floated into the wind

and my heart stopped cold.

I suddenly didn't love him


Why?  Why?  Why?

It wasn't in the cards

for me to stay.

I loved him once

and then he changed.

And the hurt started coming.

I had to leave.

Yet, I felt torn.

I was forced to leave my kids.

Because of a wrongly accused

disease.  I didn't have it,

but the judge gave them to him

because of the lie.

It wasn't fair.

But I still loved them.

I am their mother

and nobody can take that

away from me.

Yet my heart got shattered

and I couldn't stay.

And now it is repaired

and new love has entered.

Jennifer Jo Fay

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