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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dreams a Free Verse Poem by Jennifer Jo Fay


My dormant body seems to be resting.
I guess I could be Ophelia
lying still in the murky waters.
I'm grasping the water lilies and
the nearby weeds that are
tangling around my legs.
Suddenly, I am dreaming and I
can't seem to wake up.
I'm dreaming that I am a patient
and I'm awaiting the doctor's results.
Yet, I kind of
don't know why I am there.
And then they seem to be
simply shocked when they see
me floating into mid air.
It's a trick that I possess in my dreams.
I've done it many times.
I just float and find myself
lingering above others and
I am suspended.
And then, in I'm suddenly
investigating their toilets
and can't understand why
all the toilets in my dream
are so high. 
I can't get on them.
Well, finally I woke up
and when I went into the bathroom,
I almost fell off the toilet.
I guess my dream
was trying to tell me

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted February 19, 2012

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