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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are We On the Same Page? a free verse poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

Are We On the Same Page?

Together, as we wander through time
our relationship follows a winding
path of a new love that is growing
stronger like a thick, sturdy and taut vine.

Yet, I sit on your couch and ponder
unspoken thoughts and thinking of my goals
of someday living with you for real.
And I wonder as you talk of filling

up your spare room with stuff, is there still
room for me and my belongings in your
house?  We stopped talking about moving in
with each other, and now I wonder "Has

anything changed?"  I just want to know if
we share the same goals and are on the
same page.  I just don't want our love to change.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted February 22, 2012

Testing out meter in this poem.

I borrowed a book on writing poetry in the youth section at the library.

It states that free verse is:  a poem that is unpredictable with rhyme, rhythm and line stanza.

I also picked up a book of poems by Margaret Atwood, Billy Collins and Emily Dickinson.  It kind of seems that they all write in free verse and don't seem to rhyme, yet their words and poems are very effective.

Waiting for a little money to come in so I can buy one of those dummies books on poetry.

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