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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creative Flow a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

Creative Flow

How do you begin to start your day?
Are you one to ponder?
One to stop and smell the roses?
Or are you the person
that just sits and waits for something
to happen that is going to be great?
Sometimes, I just go by
what my mood tells me.
I'm a go with the flow
kind of gal.
I just try to go with
what seems to motivate me.
Sometimes it is a picture,
or a photo that inspires me.
And then it is a creative idea
that floats around inside my head.
Sometimes it tends to stay there
and it doesn't sink in.
Other times the idea
rushes out and slices into me.
Awakening a fresh thought
that is going to turn into something.
I really have no set pattern.
I just go with the moment.
And sometimes it just
seems to evolve.
I'm no set structured girl.
I don't rhyme, sonnet or haiku.
I just go with the flow
of my words
and somehow something takes root.
So what I would say to you
is that if you have something,
go with it.
Your creativity is calling you.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 15, 2012

If you like paper dolls or anyone you know that likes them and has little girls here is my new paper doll section on each of my blogs where they can go and buy them.

I'm fixing up the paypal buttons on these blogs and they will be available for anyone who loves collecting paperdolls.

I'm excited about creating a Gothic Girls Paper Doll line in the future and a cool Bella Swan one.  Just seem to have so many projects going on right now.

And silly me hasn't sewn or knitted in a few years so have been craving doing some little projects along with a big knitted skirt for me.  AND HOPEFULLY IT FITS!  The last one (same pattern) was made of all wool and shrunk.  And I threw it out.  After all that time to make it.  Out with the trash.

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