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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Black Dress a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

Little Black Dress

I woke up this morning and looked
into my closet. 
It was dark and full of vibrant
colored clothing of all shapes and sizes.
But anyhow,
they were my shape.
I was at a loss at what to pick.
Was it going to also be a sign
of oncoming writers block?
Oh no!!!!!
And I looked at the dainty lace top
and wondered if I should wear it.
With my pretty purple skirt.
I don't want that Louisa May Alcott
style today.
I don't want to be prim and proper.
I want to be a rebel.
How about that leather jacket
that I have never worn
with a sleazy little tank top
that's gonna show my cleavage.
Then I saw it resting next to
the rehearsal dinner dress
that will never fit me again.
Not in this lifetime.
The little black dress caught my eye.
I want to be a little harlot tonight.
My other half will love it.
Yes, I want to be a bad girl.
Forget the good.
I just knocked that little angel
off my shoulders.
She's gone.
So, I pulled out the little black dress
and tried to get it on.
I pulled and pulled
and tried my hardest to get
the thing to fit.
Then I cursed.
"What has happened?
Did some bugs come into the night
and sinch it tighter each night?"
then it took a few moments
to get the little black dress off.
I ended up settling for the bulky pink sweater
and the pink sweatpants
and when I see my other half
he'd rather see me in my birthday suit.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 2, 2012

And how many of us can fit into something like this?  I certainly can't.  Some of us have had kids and can't get back to this.

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